Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blue Mountains, Australia

For my final installment of my Australia series, I'll take you to the Blue Mountains. This is an area northwest of Sydney, and it seems a lot like the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. There is one large cliff that forms a very long ridge with the Blue Mountains extending out from there. This big ridge makes for some amazing sweeping views of the region, some great waterfalls, and a lot of hiking trails. All the little towns along this ridge used to compete with eachother to attract tourists, so they all made very elaborate trails to get to the coolest spots in the area. So we are left with trails everywhere to go see everything this place has to offer.

Blue Mountains

Krista capturing the rolling hills.

There are a lot of lookouts that just beg you to get your picture taken.

This was a small waterfall in the area.

This is at the top of a very very tall waterfall there. After that little ledge, it drops a LONG way. I want to say 1000 feet, but we might need a fact checker for that. Either way, it was far. trust me.

This is some of the handiwork of those competitive locals years ago. They chiseled out trails like this to lure tourists to their town. all these years later, their ploy is still working.

this is that giant ridge I mentioned. We ran around all over this thing.

There is a park there that has a cable car, a tramway, and another skyrail or something that will take you across (or down) the valley. That yellow cablecar had a clear glass floor.

That rock formation is called the Three Sisters. We walked over to it.

Hundreds of other people had the same idea. From there you could continue on down to the bottom, or go back and take the tram. We thought we would take the tram in the interest of time. Turns out, it probably would have been faster to walk down. The lines were pretty long for the tramways.

I liked the pattern the trees made in the valley.
I final glance at the Blue Mountains.

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