Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tunnel Beach Take Two

Dan and I went on a little roadtrip up to Dunedin one day to go check out Tunnel Beach. After a great visit and delicious lunch courtesy of Lynda and Rosie Howells , some of our friends from Dunedin (and being sent away with fresh tomatoes and plums! that they grew), I took Dan over to Tunnel Beach.  It was just as awesome my second time around. What's not to love:

Awesomely Tall Sea Cliffs
You have to walk down a Huge hilld, then through a long tunnel in the cliffs to get down to this part.

You can then climb back out of the tunnel and up the ridge for this view:
Amazing overlooks!
Dan Soaking up the East Coast Sunshine
Sea Birds

Brother from Another Mother (and Father)

Coastal View

This is maybe a third of the way back up to the parking area. Totally worth the hike out!

And then we headed back to Otautau in time for Squash! So that was clearly the perfect way to end another great day in NZ.

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