Thursday, July 24, 2014

Idle Hands II, Back in the Habit

I'm sure you've been losing sleep at night, waiting to hear how I've progressed in my crochet projects this winter. 

At last mention, I had just finished these beauties

And had just started on this creation:

Well, I'm happy to report that after a few more trips to the yarn store (it takes a lot of yarn to make a scarf!), I have finished my scarf! You may have noticed that I was making it progressively narrower with each row at first. I got that figured out eventually, with a couple of little tabs on one end of the scarf to remind me of my humble crochet beginnings.

And Check it out!!!

Look at that Craftsmanship:

And to fill my evenings after I finished that 5.5 foot labor of love, I set to the task of making another hat:

New hat, new tricks. This one used the full Double crochet stitch with two different stitches to make the rim around the bottom! 

It's amazing what you can do with a youtube tutorial.

And this is the beginnings of my Winter 2014 knitwear line:

There's talk about expanding into arm-knitting. The possibilities are really just endless.

To preserve my masculinity, I did enroll in a Boxerfit exercise class. I get to punch things, which is always fun.

The final wave of visitors is about to hit, so get ready for some more exciting updates in a couple of weeks!

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