Monday, September 8, 2014

One more look at Doubtful Sound

Angela and Emily ultimately wandered their way back to the states, but Erin was here for the month to work with us, which means we have to work in some pretty spectacular weekend activities.

First up: Doubtful Sound

Doubtful Sound is no stranger to the blog, and for good reason. It really is just incredible.

The Whitings, Erin and I ventured out on a crisp morning to catch the boat from Manapouri across the lake, which leads to the bus, which then drops down the other side of the mountain pass into Doubtful Sound. The road apparently cost $2 per centimeter to build.  Worth it? Yes.

More Lake Manapouri pics.

The recent snow made the pics look almost black-and-white, but this is the actual color.

The bus ride over the pass was fairly uneventful. It mostly consisted of people taking pictures of snow (which I suppose would be fascinating if you never get snow), but THEN we came over the pass and had a nearly perfect view of the sound, which doesn't happen very often due to intense clouds. The bus made a special stop to capture the occasion on camera.
Here it is, in all its majesty

That's a waterfall in the middle. The combo of snow, green, and rock was like looking at camouflage.

And then the boat cruise began through the sound:
Always Mystical, Always Magical

The crew.

I love when the mountains just peek through the clouds.

We went out to the Tasman Sea at the opening of the Sound.
Lots of seals

More mountain and cloud pics.

Such a great place

Overwhelmingly beautiful.

Not a place I will soon be forgetting.

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