Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fireworks for Guy Fawkes Day!

I can't believe how quickly Guy Fawkes day came back around again!  It doesn't seem that long ago like we were out watching fireworks.  Otautau has a pretty good show, so it is always good fun.  You always run into a bunch of people you know, and any time Otautau throws an event you'd better go, because there is not always much going on around town.  It was a great night for it too, a bit cloudy and cool, but you couldn't see your breath like last year.  

George has been taking care of the grounds around the house and has been doing a great job, flowers are starting to bloom and a grabbed a quick picture on the way to the festivities.

Hay bails were scattered about for people to sit on.  They had the food tent set up again and Poss and crew were frying sausages with onions, venison, and chips (french fries).  Delicious!  They were selling lights for the kids for after dark as well.  Everyone was in a great mood.

The bonfire spot was a little closer to the trees this year, but don't worry, things are so wet here they probably couldn't make the fire spread if they tried.  There was still a big ash ring on the grown from last year, guess they wanted to give the grass a chance to re grow so are moving it around.

The volunteer fire department was on hand again this year to set off the display and make sure that everything went according to plan.  Thanks for your service guys!  They do a great job.

A new event was added this year.  A model rocket enthusiast brought out some large rockets.  The kind you shoot up when you're a kid with the parachutes, but much bigger.  Most of the people around hadn't seen them before, so they were excited to see them launch.

While he was setting those up, you could stand and see the Takitimu's as the sun went down.  A nice night, but notably absent from the event were Rebecca and Cole, everyone was asking about them though. They are both starting their new jobs and things are going well for them.

Rocket time!  A big countdown and blast-off!  It was a huge hit... the kids chased the falling rocket through the fields, but were stymied by all the high fences.

They shoot of the fireworks over a small creek lined by stumps from old fallen trees.  The fireworks go right up over our heads, and you don't have to stand too far away so you feel really close to the action.

As always, the bouncy castle and go carts were available for the little ones.  There were about as many kids having fun playing on the hay bails in the field on the right though.  :)

Just taking some pictures waiting for the sun to go down....

Golden hour...  getting close now...  purple mountains majesty...

Crowd starting to gather...

And the bonfire is lit!

A boy warming up on the chilly night...

Kids had flashing lights on strings and wands, swinging them about...

The fire is really cookin' now!  People are keeping warm and having fun awaiting fireworks.

A local alien child?  Or does Harry just have his toy light in his mouth?  You be the judge...

And out come the sparklers!  A night of fireworks wouldn't be complete without them...

Firefighters are gearing up now... Just about time...


I was able to get a little video.  They went pretty steadily like this for 30 minutes or so.  It was quite the display for a little town!

After the fireworks the smoke with thick!  All that smoke is from the fireworks, very little of that is from the bonfire.

Well until next time, I'll leave you with this one of the fireworks over the bonfire.  It was a great little event.

I just got back this weekend from going floundering with George and friends, and that will be coming up next.  Until then... Ta!

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