Saturday, April 19, 2014

Musseling Again!

As part of the grand tour of NZ, we have decided that musseling is a must. It's just something we don't have at home. Fun, easy, and delicious, it's a no-brainer!

Getting geared up!

Behold the wonders of the sea! No shortage of mussels around here!

Dan the Man looking like a pro!

True Hunter/Gatherers in action. 

Someone's been doing CrossFit! Let the muscle/mussel puns roll.. Oh come on! Don't clam up on me now!

Nate was on shark-watch... not really.  But there really are sharks out there... waiting.

Dan was in his element.
Rebecca could teach a workshop on musseling at this point.

Once our hard work of pulling supper off the rocks was complete, some beachrock exploration was in order. I told them they looked like they should be on some album cover.
Meanwhile, slightly to the right:

Work it, ladies.

This is me trying to keep track of this crew.

Throwing rocks is the world's best game. And not to brag, but I knocked over our target on the first try... 

Heading back with our harvest.

Just a few of our trophies, ready to eat!

Like a nautical cereal box prize, this mussel came with a tiny crab inside!

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