Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The First of Probably Several Posts about Milford Sound

Milford Sound is one of the crown jewels of New Zealand, visited by countless tourists every year. After seeing these pictures, you'll understand the hype. Of course, the photos will not do it justice at all, but you can get the idea of how grand it really is. The scale doesn't translate, but it is basically an area where the ocean sneaks its way into the middle of the mountains along the west coast of New Zealand. It really is a majestic place.

Dan and I caught a cruise boat out of the marina - the only spot along the entire Sound that you can access it without having to walk for days or enter from the ocean. There is a highway built with the sole purpose of getting people the chance to see such a beautiful part of the World.

The Clouds were pretty crazy, swirling between the mountains and then dipping down to the water, then disappearing again. Wild.

to give you a little idea of the scale, that waterfall in the distance is a few hundred feet tall. The mountains are I think 3000feet tall.

More cool clouds.  But really, I was shocked we had such a sunny nice day there. Milford Sound is actually one of the rainiest places in the world. I was totally expecting rain, but it was nothing but clear skies for us. (I have since had a more 'expected' Milford Sound experience, which was also amazing - stay tuned for the comparison post. you won't even recognize it at the same place)

See? Weird clouds.

One of the permanent waterfalls. This is joined by hundreds of other waterfalls on rainy days.

Very Remote

Apparently Milford Sound should technically be called Milford Fiord since it was carved by a glacier instead of a river, but I think that's getting a little picky. Nobody actually cares.

that is about 2000feet tall.

The pointy one is called Mitre peak, and is the classic view of Milford Sound.

Dan 'I-Need-Another-Fan' Villella at the Sound. this nickname follows him from the time we spent in Costa Rica/Nicaraqua together where he was constantly trying to bribe hostel-owners to let him get his own private fan at night because it was so hot. He was rarely successful in his efforts. Luckily, the weather was much cooler in New Zealand, so we didn't have this problem on this trip.

Saying good-bye to Milford.

one of the views from the drive to/from the sound.

Another highway view. You have to wind through the mountains to get to the sound. the drive is one of the most spectacular in the entire country.

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