Sunday, June 1, 2014

Aitutaki Hike

True to form, I just HAD to climb up that big hill behind our resort on Aitutaki. It was really just a few hills over from that viewpoint with the water tanks that I have already posted a few pics from, but I had decided that this hike would be a sunset view hike. So as the Golden Hour approached, I set off on my hike. This one was much easier than the one on Rarotonga. No falling. No getting lost. No rock climbing.

There is apparently a power station up there. 

This is the view back into our resort.

The first leg of the trip was a steep gravel road up the hill. This wound its way up the hill and eventually met up with a maintained path through the grass to the top.

If you like paths, this is a pretty good one, eh? The grass up there was actually taller than I am.

The view from the top.
There were about 8 other people ahead of me when I was on my way up. I thought watching the sunset up there was going to be a group activity, but everyone else just turned around and walked back down immediately!  Their loss.

You can see over half of the entire island in this picture.

East Coast.

The 'Power Station' at the top. 

OK, time to get ready for sunset.
I couldn't reach above the grass, so I just took pictures through it.

Not too shabby.  And I thought that was gonna be it. I thought those clouds had swallowed up the sun for the night, but THEN...

The sun peeked out underneath the clouds! So tricky!

It's not everyday you see the entire outline of the sun as it sets!

This was the actual setting of the sun. no more tricks.

But even with the sun officially down, the sky wasn't finished putting on a show.

The walk down was like walking under a sky full of cotton candy.

Almost back home for the night.

Last one, just before dark. 

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