Friday, September 13, 2013

Lake Manapouri and the Fiordlands...

Before work began we decided to head up and at least get a glimpse of the Fiordlands.  It was a few hours away and a beautiful drive.

We drove towards and passed the Takitimu mountains and watched them get bigger and bigger.

We made it to Manapouri, a small town next to Lake Manapouri 
with beautiful views of Fiordland National Park

The weather was cold and rainy.  The water was choppy.  Clouds covered the mountains.

Still snow on the mountains...

Pictures don't do it justice...

Different local plants here.  
Rebecca is enjoying taking close up pictures.
Some kind of shrub beginning to open up.

Headed to Te Anau before turning back.  Saw a rainbow over the Taki's.

We went to the cold, windy beech from there.  Lots more to come.

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