Friday, September 27, 2013

This weekend so far.

Hey Hey!  There is a lot of catching up to do, but I figured I would just go ahead and let you know how this weekend is shaping up. Aaron and I are sharing the weekend call this weekend, so we have to hang kind close to town. Also, the weather is not ideal, so I'm just working on some projects to get settled into my new place.

Yesterday, a patient from the clinic dropped off a couple of fresh flounder that he had just caught. Aaron was home over lunch (while Rebecca and I were stocking up on groceries in town on my day off), and this guy just walked up to the door and gave him some fish!  So It was Flounder for supper last night!
I didn't realize they were flat like that and that both eyes were on one side of their head. shows how much I know about Flounder...

I also learned that they are delicious.

So after dinner, we decided I would take the pager Friday and Sunday nights, and I had a quiet evening with the pager until one call in the evening about a guy who needed pain meds, but we can't do prescriptions after-hours, so he was out of luck... sorry, pal.
Then it was nearly a full night's sleep until 5AM when the PRIME pager went off, which is the emergency pager. That would be scarier if the now three emergencies we've had to respond to had actually been emergencies. This was no exception, and by the time I got there, the ambulance and fire trucks and everyone was already there, and all the people were fine. (1-car accident, 3 passengers, all ok).  

So I got all that squared away and came back for another hour of sleep then started tackling projects around my house, including re-arranging my kitchen, which was previously the least-intuitive working space you've ever seen. You know how sometimes it's easy to just know where someone keeps their silverware, cups, plates, etc?  Not in this place. The plates and cups were in a drawer. The silverware is to the very far left, second drawer down, the upper cabinets pretty much only had tiny dishes and tea/coffee supplies. The pots and pans were in a drawer under the dishwasher (the big open drawer is my one-rack dishwasher).  So after some shifting of things, my kitchen makes a lot more sense now.

After that, I went and replaced the glass in the broken window in the garage for the neighbors. I figure it's the least I can do for all the future favors they give me, including borrowing those bikes and some kayaks and other gear not pictured here.
Can't even tell which one was broken, huh?

My next project is choosing which hangers are the worst and replacing them with the normal hangers I bought at the store yesterday. I don't think I got quite enough. This is what the hangers look like here:

The worst part is that the hook part slides down through the wooden part when you pick it up by the wooden part.

In-between projects, this is what I've got going on here:

That is Keo, the neighbor cat who comes over anytime he wants, especially if the neighbors leave for the weekend. He can actually open the doors himself, so he just strolls through at will. 

Been a good call so far, so hoping it stays this way. 

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