Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It Comes in Waves

Well, I'm sure everyone has noticed that things just seem to happen in groups, or your days will just have a set theme, and you'll see a lot of the same thing again and again, or the same thing will happen to you several times in a row, then not again for a long time. You know what I mean.
   There are a few things that have become a trend for me this week, and I figured I would share it with you.

The first one is probably the least exciting, but it makes my list a nice set of three things, so I'm including it. It is Urinary Tract Infections!!!  Not for me personally, but it was a big theme this week at the nursing home. Way more of an issue than usual.  So that was trend number one for the week.

Number two has to go to Hand Injuries!  Luckily not for me again. But today I saw two patients with hand injuries. (Kind of a fluke given that I had a very slow day in clinic). the first one was a guy who had an accident with a circular saw.  Any accident with a saw is ugly, and this was no exception. After gently teasing through the hamburger he had in place of the base of his left index finger, I decided that the cut was deep enough and close enough to the joint space, tendons, bone, etc that he should go on to the ER (which they call A&E here - Acute and Emergent, I think) for imaging and likely a plastic surgeon/hand surgeon. Turns out, as I was driving away from clinic, I saw (no pun intended) him pull up to the clinic, so I swung around the block to talk to him and he said they just stitched him up in the ER, no Xray, no surgeon.... ok!  bold move.  
   The second hand injury was actually afterhours. I'm on call tonight.  As I was driving home from Schnitzel Night at the local pub (I couldn't make that up), I got a call saying a boy got a fishing hook stuck in his thumb. so I met him and his dad at the clinic to get that out of there for him.  He let me take a picture, but I forgot to do it before hand, so he suggested I take one of him holding it anyway.  Hopefully that's it for hand injuries.

Just Minutes before this picture was taken, he could hold that lure using only his thumb.

And Theme Number Three is this:

 Broken Garage Window. Remember how I posted a picture just 4 days ago of the window I fixed in the garage???  Well, Surprise Surprise! A pigeon flew into it today sometime, and shattered my shiny new window into a million pieces all over the garage. Not the window next to it, no sir. the Exact same one in  a line of four windows. My neighbor, Don, came home this evening and came into my place and said "wanna see something depressing?" As he walked me to the garage, I started to suspicion that it was my window, but I didn't want to believe it.  He opened the door to confirm my fears.  Not pictured is the dead pigeon outside of the garage. We might go with a frosted glass window next. Maybe we can hammer out the details of the replacement window on our roadtrip up to Christchurch we are going on this weekend. His parents live up there and he's going to help them with some chores and invited me to ride along (aaron is on call this weekend) so I can see Christchurch. I"ll probably help with the chore projects some and explore Christchurch a little bit. the kicker is that it is at least a 7-hour drive each way. So I'll get to see a lot of territory. Should be a good time.

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