Saturday, October 26, 2013

Uh Oh

  I'm on call this weekend, so sticking pretty close to home for a change. the call itself has been alright so far. One 430am wake-up call that I had to head across town to someone's house for, but other than that, just a few ordinary phone calls and a couple clinic visits. The nicest thing has been visiting with some of the locals. Since I usually head out of town every weekend on an adventure, I don't end up spending that much free time in Otautau. Knowing I'd be here this weekend on call, one of my colleagues (the clinic manager and her husband - my hunting liason) came by for a visit yesterday afternoon, and one of our clinic nurses invited me over for supper last night to watch the ITM rugby finals with her and her husband.
  Aaron and Rebecca have headed off to Doubtful Sound for an overnight cruise in the Fiordlands. Get ready for some amazing pictures from their weekend. That place is reported to be one of the most amazing places on the planet. no joke.  So while they're away, I'm just getting little projects done, intricately planning my travel itinerary, and entertaining the neighbor cat.... which leads me to the reason the title of this entry is 'uh oh'...
  I'm afraid to announce that I'm becoming a crazy Cat guy... and I don't even technically have a cat. the neighbor cat, Keo, is my adopted cat. He wanders back and forth between their house and mine, letting himself in anytime he wants. I'll hear something hit my door, then I'll hear a 'meow', and he'll come walking into my living room from the hallway. Any time the neighbors leave, he camps out at my place.  I've been hanging out with Keo all day, and he's getting pretty comfortable around here.  and I've realized that I am now one of those people who take pictures of their cat for the world to see.... please don't judge me. Hopefully it's just a phase...

 Snuggling on this cold rainy day. We had a really cold snap again and weather has been pretty terrible this weekend.

 How could anyone resist this?

I thought he had left while I was doing some chores, then I walked in and saw this... The chickens are decoration only. the elderly lady that lived here before me put them by the fireplace, and I thought they needed to stay on display.


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