Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rocks, Rocks, Riverton Rocks

Just a few more pictures of our day at Riverton rocks to add to Cole's.  It was a great day!

Beautiful blue sky in the little cove, lots of good climbing rocks.

The waves would crash against the rocks and form lots of little pools.  
Tiny ecosystems, life everywhere....

The beach wasn't really sand, just a billion tiny smooth rocks.

Cole thought it was too dirty, so he decided to sweep the beach with some kelp the washed up.
The kelp likes to grow along the rocks.

Rebecca's choices, smooth rocks in every color.

Paua (abalone) shells are common here.  They are used to make lots of local artwork and jewelry.
This one was washed up alone on the stones.

I chose rocks that could double as jelly beans...

Another view of the "back beach" a short walk away.

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