Monday, October 21, 2013

Riverton Rocks!

Riverton is a town about 20 minutes from Otautau, and it is right along the coast. Some of you may remember some of our earliest pictures involving the slide and big whale sculpture in a seaside park. That's Riverton.... so clearly Riverton does, in fact, rock.  But THE Riverton Rocks area is a little spot, just a few more minutes down the coast that has a very rocky shoreline, and there are pebbles and rocks of every shape and size along the shore.  it's a beautiful spot. I often go there on Tuesday afternoons after I finish work. I have nursing home rounds on Tuesday afternoons (which is actually a highlight of my week!) and then I go find some kind of snack and head to the coast. When the weather warms up, I plan on making that a nice little running area (nice trail along the coast) or maybe taking a quick (very quick- the water is freezing) dip in the ocean after work. and while I'm on the topic of goals for after-nursing home rounds evenings, I found a little chinese place that makes white-bait egg foo  young. White-bait is a tiny fish about the size of a minnow that people here fish for constantly and seem to love, but it is eaten whole and looks disgusting. I may or may not have the guts to try it, at least in chinese food form. I think scramblng them with eggs is a more manstream method of eaing them... we'll see. anyway, I'm off topic.... back to the Rocks:   But for now, any of our visits to the coast involve coats and stocking caps.  A couple of weekends ago, Aaron and I were on call together, and we took a field trip with Rebecca to Riverton to get away from home, while staying within our allowed perimeter while on call. Here are some pics from that day.

Riverton Rocks.

Watching for rogue splashes. these rocks are a lot of fun to climb around on, but it can get a little wet if  you're not careful.

A little cove at the end of the peninsula.  The land across the sea is Stewart Island.
 We actually went there a couple weeks after this picture was taken.
Stay tuned for an update from our many adventures there. It's a neat place - very remote.

We spent a lot of time rock-collecting. Rebecca chose perfectly spherical rocks. I chose perfectly egg-shaped rocks. Aaron chose 'jelly beans' rocks.

Isn't this a nice place?

This is the view before popping over the hill and heading over the peninsula tip to Back Beach.

Back Beach. It's really pretty there. You have to walk through someone's field to get back here, but it's worth it. This is as far as we got before duty called, and the pager went off and we had to head back to Otautau to save a life... or examine a baby who had been placed on a trampoline by its siblings, and then fell off of the trampoline, and was fine.

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