Sunday, October 20, 2013

Coastline and the Arboretum

After we came back from our first trip to the Fiordlands, we moved down the coast.  It was still pretty rainy and the wind maid for a choppy ocean, but that made for some great pictures...

Ocean view from McCracken's Rest west of Riverton.

Same spot, other direction...

It turns out there is a small arboretum just outside of Otautau.  Its a great place to go when on call or a little to rainy for a bigger adventure.  It's quiet, and has a huge variety of trees and flowers.

Large patches of trees were planted in perfect rows...

Branches of the Araucaria araucana or "Monkey Puzzle" tree in the foreground
looking into a small clearing.

It spring here remember! Trees are budding...

Outside of the boundary of the arboretum lots of sheep trying to eat on not so much grass.

No leaves on these trees yet.  Does this remind anyone else of retina? :)

In honor of Mr. Pahl and Maestra's doorway to Narnia.

Daisies are everywhere

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