Thursday, October 10, 2013

Skiing Queenstown

The weekend adventures seem to be coming faster than I can keep up with them, so I figured I'd post a throwback from a couple of weekends ago when we went skiing up in Queenstown. Qtown is a great little city nestled in the mountains by a huge lake. Ski slopes are 3 minutes from the city center. There are a lot of shops, restaurants, and touristy things in the town, but it doesn't feel overly touristy. If anyone ever goes there, your first stop should be at this chocolate shop called Patagonia. We went twice. After that, do anything else you want - like go skiing or feed the ducks on the lake. There were a lot of boats going on various tours around there too. Something for everyone!

Rebecca lookin like a pro!
Aaron was clearly having a great time!

The Remarkables Ski Area.

The top of the resort.

The View from the Top!

Apres ski attire on the drive down the mountain. Pretty awesome view!

We were lucky enough to be driving down the mountain during the Golden Hour. Amazing!  Also, planes flying into and out of Queenstown fly right through this valley. While we were standing here, a plane came down, and were were way above it as it came in for a landing. Pretty cool to see. Even cooler when another plane was right above our car on the road down in Queenstown. They are not very high over the road there. It was a little scary. 

Lake Wakatipu at Queenstown.

In case you were questioning my opinion on how cool Queenstown is, I offer you this sheep statue. Case closed.

There are a lot of ducks in New Zealand. Qtown is no exception.

And this is Patagonia - the chocolate place. We went there twice. I got Mexican Hot Chocolate, regular hot chocolate, and 4 different flavors of icecream in my two stops there.  Man, this was good. I'll be going back for sure. Heads up: I asked about the lavender hot chocolate on the menu and the waitress (who kinda reminded me of the singer Adele) said "Don't do it. It's like eating a piece of chocolate then licking your grandma's face". I thought that was worth passing along. 

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