Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Deer, what deer?

Since it is spring down here, rain comes and go pretty often.  When we got here it seemed like we were getting a little rain almost every day.  After a period of 2-3 days straight, I walked down to the Aparima to take some pictures before work.  There is a small trail that goes around Otautau, and I got some more good pictures.

Takitimu's from the river trail, some fresh snow up there.

River was nearly to its banks, I know it's hard to tell, but almost twice as full.

Snow on the trees up in Longwood Forest that morning too.

Livestock is everywhere up here.  Back roads are always getting closed for animal crossings.  Saw some cows on the way to Longwood Forest one day.

Cow crossing.  We see sheep on the roads too a lot.

Bouncing along the back roads, I was driving while Rebecca and Cole were enjoying the scenery.  Out the right of the car was nothing but fields where I was looking.  Out of the left of the car where they were looking was a paddock full of deer being raised for their meat (there are fenced deer all over down here!).   Anyways someone shouted "deer!"  I slammed on the brakes, "Deer!?! WHERE!".  They laughed and laughed, I still haven't lived it down.

Deer?  What deer?

They were VERY interested in us.

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