Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dunedin (Duh-need-in)

For the first couple of weeks that we were in Otautau, Cole & Aaron had another doctor (Martyn) that helped them figure out the New Zealand medical system.  Martyn is married to Lynda, and they are lovely people that have taken us under their wing a bit.  They live in Dunedin, which is a coastal city 3 hours east of Otautau, so we went to visit them a few weeks ago.

  Our gracious hosts along the coast in Dunedin.

The coastline by the Royal Albatross Centre, the only mainland place in the world to view the Northern Royal Albatrosses in their natural habitat.  We haven't been lucky enough to see the albatrosses yet, but I haven't give up! 

The seals blend in with the rocks shockingly well.  It was a bit like a "where's waldo" picture trying to spot them on the cliffs.

St. Clair beach.  There were surfers as far as the eye could see.  I don't really understand how they weren't constantly crashing into each other.

The shark warning bell above the surfing beach.

Martyn and Lynda have 2 daughters, and one of them works at the Otago Museum which has a Tropical Forest full of butterflies.  This butterfly decided to pose as a lovely hair accessory for Lynda.

We also went to a Rugby game while in Dunedin, but that deserves its own post, so I'll just leave you with this teaser:  intense face paint was involved

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