Sunday, November 24, 2013

Game Face

About a month ago, we went up to Dunedin for the All Blacks test... aka a rugby game starring the world's best rugby team, the New Zealand All Blacks. this was part of a stellar weekend we spent with the Martyn and Lynda (and we actually just got back from another reunion weekend with them! always a good time!). I believe Rebecca already posted all the other highlights from that weekend, and alluded to the fact that the rugby match would eventually get its own post. So here it is! Read on and feast your eyes on that was arguably the best face painting in the entire stadium:

Any proper showing of team spirit requires team colors, and ideally face paint. A good face painting requires planning.  As you might guess, the primary team color for the All Blacks is.... well it's black of course. and white. So that's easy enough to work with. The face painting took a few google searches ahead of time to find just the right mix of sophistication, tribal influence, ferocity, and awesomeness. I think we nailed it.

If you want sharp lines, I recommend scotch tape.  this is such serious business!

It gets better. It's always darkest before dawn.

The intensity was tangible. 

This is how far we got with Aaron's before we had to leave for supper at a delicious Japanese restaurant. every superfan needs nourishment.

Rebecca went for a subtle lady fern. We went for tribal warfare. Yes, we went to the restaurant like this.
Getting Aaron all finished up before the game.  Surgical precision required.

almost done.

Martyn opted for a dignified NZ. He is the picture of dignity and refinement...

Wouldn't want to meet him in an alley!

You can run, but you can't hide.
Lynda and Martyn. The guys behind them were hilarious/drunk and we each got about the equivalent of 3 whole beers down our backs by the end of the game.


Game Time!

The Wave exists in NZ, and they're really good at it. Too good at it. It made at least 6 full rounds, with each round only gaining in force. Note the flying cups and beer rain. These people really commit to the wave!!!  This was definitely an experience to remember. 

And, of course, the All Blacks won. I'm pretty sure our face paint, wave, and cheering really clenched it for them. 

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