Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Stewart Island - Take 2

Stewart Island was a beautiful place.  We took several hikes around the island and  always had the lovely birdsong to keep us company.

The brightest and most complete double rainbow I've ever seen.  This was the view from our porch, with the harbor at the bottom right.

The boys just couldn't resist a good Tarzan moment.  Unfortunately, it was a little chilly to be swinging into the water.

Acker's Cottage, one of the oldest buildings in New Zealand, built in 1835.

Mr. Acker had quite an amazing view from his cottage.

A group shot, courtesy of Mr. Acker (or I might have used the timer).  

Can't get enough of the beautiful glistening water.

We took a water taxi over to Ulva Island, a bird sanctuary.  The ride was pretty choppy, but well worth it.  We actually didn't see many birds, but they were certainly singing away.  

Tree hugger.
Cole demonstrating our high-tech measurement system for tree size comparison.  This was the winner for the day.  

Black Oystercatchers.

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