Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Day at the Races!

There are a few local families involved in the horse racing scene here. The races are an overall popular pastime here, so much so that there's a 'trackside' tv channel on my tv, and I have 16 total channels. I've somewhat befriended one of the racing families here, and after a visit during the Otautau Street Fair (likely post topic in the near future?), and a little hang-out session with the family, including meeting their diminutive Japanese jockey) that night at the local pub, they extended the invite to come down to the races in Invercargill just before Christmas. So of course I headed to the races, with Aaron and Rebecca joining for a while amidst some of their Christmas shopping. Instead of really trying to pick a winner myself, I felt like I should just let allegiance to the local racing families guide my bets, and I'm happy to announce that I almost broke even for the day, so that's good enough for me : )

not the clearest skies, but that's how we operate down in the southlands.

Part of the Otautau crew!

Same Family in Action

The Grandstand

Always an exciting finish!

I do love a good day at the races!
Here are some pics from the day.

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