Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mount Cook, Chapter 3: Clay Cliffs

Here's yet another slice of that fateful weekend from a while back.  I had heard about the Clay Cliffs, but had no idea where they were. Turns out, we saw the sign for them on the way up to Mount Cook. So on the way back, we stopped because the weather had cleared nicely. (Actually, the rain chased us all the way home... but the main thing is that it was nice enough at the time we hit the cliffs on the way home, so we stopped by)

If you've ever been to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, it's pretty similar, but instead of giant rocks, these formations are primarily clay and gravel. They kind of look like wax.

Those lupins added a nice touch.

You could wander through the formations at will.

The Whitings!

Not a bad playground, huh?

Rebecca taking it all in.

Aaron aka King of the Mountain.

I have a bad habit of having to check out all the nooks and crannies, no matter how difficult they are to get in or out of...

This is a close-up of the walls. It really feels like this place is one good rainshower from becoming a pile of slop.

Pretty cool place.

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