Monday, January 27, 2014

New Year's Eve in Sydney!

Just after Christmas, I got to scoot over to Sydney, Australia, to meet up  with my cousin Annette and her friend Krista, and together we had an amazing trip. One of the highlights was the NYE celebration in Sydney. Sydney has the largest fireworks display in the world. It was incredible.

It only got more and more crowded from here. It looks like a fun party, but eventually it just became a giant sardine can.

There were a ton of designated viewing locations all over the city, but after careful research and planning, we found the ideal viewing spot. We were directly across from the Opera House, right next to the Harbor Bridge (the two highlights of the fireworks display), and had a third main fireworks launch point to our left. Together with 50,000 of our closest new friends, we waited and waited and waited for the fireworks show.

They filled a little of the evening with an airshow, which was fun.

Then this boat came and sprayed water in the water.

The Bridge getting warmed up!

This is a little surreal. The Opera House was lit up, shooting fireworks, then the boats on the harbor had lights all over their masts and bowlines, then there were jet skis zooming around shooting fireworks, and at some point there were little fireworks just floating out there on the water. Pretty cool. the blurry picture just adds to the chaos.

The bridge was the center of the action. It had cartoons and messages going up where the NYE 2013 sign is. It had the official countdown, it had most of the fireworks, and the big support beam on the right of this picture also served as the mens urinal wall - the line for which was WAAAYYY shorter than the port-a-potty lines. sorry girls.

The fireworks were amazing.

They just went on and on.

Most amazing fireworks display in the world, literally. It really looked like the bridge was exploding every 30 seconds. Well done, Sydney. You know how to throw a NYE party, that's for sure.

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