Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mussel Beach

A couple of weeks ago, after getting a hot tip from a patient, we decided to give musseling a try. A guy told me about a spot where you can go gather up some succulent mussels off the ocean rocks (the green-lipped mussels are a big deal down here). And even though someone told me the secret spot, like any true hunter/gatherer, I'm not about to tell you where 'my' secret musselin' spot is! So don't ask!  After some investigations with a group of 70+ year olds at the pub one night, the consensus was 'just go buy them from the store', but I didn't take heed, and decided to stick with the plan. And it was the right decision...

There's mussels in them there rocks!

Not a bad place to find some supper.

We got there right at low tide, and the weather held out enough to get out and give it a go.

Rebecca in action.

The fancy green-lipped ones were snuck in there with the little black ones, and they kinda stayed down at the water level, so we had to battle the waves for them. There was a lot of scrambling for high ground.

The search went far and wide.

And victory was ours!

And then came the 1.5 hours I spent cleaning them up before cooking them, after soaking them in sea water for 2 days.

Bowl full of victory.

And this is the finished product! I bought a cookbook down here, and it is so clutch!  This recipe was in there, and it was delicious!

The aftermath...  I think we'll do this again!

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