Monday, January 27, 2014


Many of you are aware that we are, in fact, working while in New Zealand. Hard to believe, I know. We work in a small rural clinic in a small rural town called Otautau. It is a town of about 700 people, and it's amazing. What many of you may not know is that we also cover an even smaller clinic in an even smaller town. A town called Nightcaps. We each do one half day a week there. This is just a peek into the clinic life at Nightcaps.

Our examination room is quite spacious.

The other half of the room. I like to joke that we are living in the future since we are currently 19 hours ahead of Missouri time. Turns out, for a few hours a week, I am apparently simultaneously living in the past. it's pretty awesome.

the building used to be a post-office, so there is a large vault where we keep our supplies.

There are several similar posters that are less than subtle.

The break room/lab.

It's a pretty fun place to work. Our nurses out there are great, and the patients always keep us on our toes.

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